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Upcoming Announcing Engagements & Events:

Nashville Roller Derby Doubleheader
Aug 31 — Nashville, TN

Upcoming Announcing Engagements & Events:

Nashville Roller Derby Doubleheader
Aug 31 — Nashville, TN

Raised by a pack of wild girl scouts, Thin Mint (they/them) is a Nashville-based flat track Roller Derby Gentlethem of Sport who has announced games for Nashville Roller Derby, Texas RollergirlsAcadiana Roller Derby, and Cajun Rollergirls. They are a regular stream announcer for games in conjunction with the WFTDA remote studio.


The image shows Thin Mint, who is wearing a grey cap and a denim vest adorned with various pins and patches. They are holding multiple boxes of Thin Mints, a type of cookie, and appear to be taking a bite out of one of the cookies. Thin Mint is also wearing a colorful checkered bandana and a rainbow wristband, and they have a playful, cheerful expression, winking at the camera.

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 Thin Mint is a roller derby enthusiast and former athlete who has been involved in the community since 2009. As a former skater, they have experienced the adrenaline and thrill of the game firsthand. However, their contributions extend far beyond the track. Thin Mint has held numerous integral roles within different leagues throughout the south, including announcer, non-skating official, and art director. Such diverse experiences have shaped their deep understanding of the sport and its various aspects.

They currently serve as announcer/DJ and assistant head of marketing for Nashville Roller Derby. They also consult other leagues and tournaments with streaming media needs.

Tournament Announcing Experience

  • Rollercon — Las Vegas, NV (2010, 2011 — house)
  • Southern Belle Ringer — Gulfport, MS (2011 — house)
  • Cosmo Chaos — Oakland, CA (2023 — stream)
  • People’s Battle of Richmond — Richmond, VA (2023 — stream)
  • CHIdra of the Corn — La Grange, IL (2023 — stream)
  • No Borders Tournament — Denver, CO (2023 — stream)
  • Y’Allstars Southern Skate Showdown — Thibodaux, LA (2024 — house & stream)
  • WFTDA Regionals North America-South — Austin, TX (2024 — house & stream)
People's Battle of Richmond
CHIdra of the Corn
No Borders Derby
Y'Allstars Southern Skate Showdown
WFTDA Regional Champs - NA South 2024

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Thin Mint is available for limited remote and in-person announcing engagements in the southeast US. If you are interested in bringing in Thin Mint for your next game or event, please use the form to contact them. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

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