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Upcoming Announcing Engagements & Events:

Nashville Roller Derby Doubleheader
Aug 31 — Nashville, TN

Upcoming Announcing Engagements & Events:

Nashville Roller Derby Doubleheader
Aug 31 — Nashville, TN

Announcer Clinics with Thin Mint

Thin Mint, a seasoned roller derby announcer, has recently begun offering coaching and mentoring sessions for aspiring announcers. With a rich background in the sport and an engaging, energetic style, they bring a wealth of experience to the table. Known for their dynamic commentary and deep understanding of the game, Thin Mint’s coaching focuses on developing essential skills such as clear articulation, game analysis, and maintaining audience engagement. Their sessions are tailored to meet the needs of both novice and intermediate announcers, helping them build confidence and find their unique voice.

The image features Thin Mint, who is dressed in a stylish, blue, patterned suit with black lapels and a black bow tie. They have light blonde hair styled with a side sweep, revealing a small earring in their left ear. Thin Mint is smiling and holding a green and black microphone in their right hand. The background is plain, which emphasizes Thin Mint's formal attire and confident pose.

In addition to technical skills, Thin Mint emphasizes the importance of understanding the roller derby community and culture. Drawing from their experience as a TV color commentator for high school football and college baseball, Thin Mint knows that a great announcer not only calls the game but also enhances the experience for fans and players alike. Their coaching includes insights on how to connect with the audience, work seamlessly with co-announcers, and handle unexpected situations during live events. With their supportive and encouraging approach, Thin Mint aims to foster a new generation of announcers who are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about the sport.

The image shows three people sitting behind a table at a roller derby tournament. From left to right, Blayde has long purple hair and is wearing glasses, dressed in a dark sleeveless top with visible tattoos on their left arm. Thin Mint, in the middle, has light gray hair and is wearing a gray cap, dressed in a denim vest adorned with various patches and pins, and a colorful checkered scarf around their neck, holding a microphone. On the right, Nikki Trikki Savi has long dark hair and is wearing a colorful, rainbow-patterned sweater, with a thoughtful expression and resting their head on their left hand. The table in front of them has various items, including a laptop with a sticker, some papers, and microphones.
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Core Focus

  • Voice and diction
  • Game knowledge (WFTDA and MRDA rulesets) and analysis
  • Engagement and entertainment
  • Collaboration and dynamics
  • Preparation and adaptability
  • Technical skills

By focusing on these core areas, you can develop a well-rounded set of skills that will help you become an effective and engaging roller derby announcer.

You hire coaches to help your team succeed and be the best that they can be, now you can do the same for your announcers!

For teams or individual announcers looking to elevate their game, Thin Mint offers unparalleled coaching sessions both online and in-person. With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for roller derby, Thin Mint provides tailored guidance that enhances announcing skills, game knowledge, and audience engagement. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your existing talents, their coaching will help you find your unique voice and deliver captivating commentary. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business—reach out to Thin Mint today and take your announcing to the next level!


Video Feedback

If you have recordings of your calls, Thin Mint can review them and provide specific, actionable feedback. This level is ideal for those who prefer flexible scheduling and want to improve through self-paced learning.

Sessions start at

$50 per video

Virtual Clinics

Virtual coaching combines the convenience of online learning with the personalized touch of one-on-one sessions with Thin Mint. Ideal for those who want direct interaction without the need for travel.

Sessions start at


In-Person Clinics

In-person coaching offers direct, hands-on training with Thin Mint. This immersive experience is perfect for those who benefit from immediate feedback and interactive learning. (travel expenses additional)

Sessions start at


Elevate your announcing skills to new heights by scheduling an announcing clinic with Thin Mint! Whether you’re looking for personalized video feedback, immersive in-person coaching, convenient virtual sessions, or to get tournament-ready, Thin Mint’s expertise and tailored approach will help you find your unique voice and captivate your audience. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional with extensive experience in roller derby, high school football, and college baseball. Contact Thin Mint today to book your announcing clinic and take your commentary to the next level!

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